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Smoke evacuator VACULAS 4000

Safety for your team and patients

VACULAS 4000 includes all aspects of an effective, high-performance smoke evacuator for surgical purposes.

This medical device is optimised for clearing the air in operating rooms of fume and gas constituents created by vaporization of human or animal tissue by Laser or HF (high frequency) / RF (radio frequency) generators. Additionally, the optional FLUID upgrade kit allows the removal of smaller amounts of liquids.

This smoke evacuator has an extraordinary retention rate of 99.99999995 % @ 0,01 µm which is achieved by the combination of a primary filter and the ULPA high-efficiency main particle filter. Even with the powerful suction rate of up to 950 liters / minute, the smallest (bioactive) virus particles, aerosols, organic gases, and unpleasant smells are effectively removed.

Medical applications

All medical applications related to laser or HF (high-frequency) surgery

Key advantages

  • Powerful suction at lowest possible noise level
  • Removes even smallest particles and smells, improves sight during surgery
  • Modern touch screen with intuitive user interface
  • Comfortable wireless control of smoke removal by the laser device
  • Highly manoeuvrable with easy run castor wheels
  • Adjustable timer to remove lingering smoke particles even after activation
  • With FLUID Upgrade Kit: Ideal for surgeries involving fluids (e.g. in gynecology)


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Main accessories

  • Transfer Tubes
  • Plexiglass Handpiece
  • Suction Tube
  • Collection Funnel
  • Articulated Arm
  • Storage Basket
  • Footswitch
  • Laser Interlink Cable

Available configurations

  • VACULAS 4000
    High-capacity smoke evacuator
  • VACULAS 4000 with FLUID upgrade kit
    High-capacity smoke evacuator with the ability remove up to 1 liter of liquid from the treatment area

Technical specifications

Operating parameters
  • 950 Liters/minute, electronically adjustable
  • Free flow 2.340 Liters/minute
  • Noise < 52 dB following ISO 7779
  • High suction with filter status surveillance
  • High mobility by easy going wheels
  • Time delay can be set to remove smoke even after the laser beam has stopped
Activation profiles
  • At the push of a button
  • At footswitch signal
  • At laser emission (by cable or wireless)
User interaction

Easy-to-use color touch panel

Memory for user programs Storage for 3 user profiles / individual operating parameters
Cooling Internal
230 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1,3 kVA
Dimensions & weight 35 x 36 x 75 (W x D x H), 18 kg

Technical changes reserved.



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