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Fibers & Handpieces

The fiber-based laser systems of Limmer Laser have an outstanding variety of flexible fiber applicators that are specifically designed for the requirements in each medical discipline.

Main Accessories

  • Fiber Repair Kitfiber 03
  • Different types of guiding handpieces


Range of Fibers & Applicators

  • Ultra-flexible Bare Fibers
  • Sidefire Fibers
  • Harpoon Fibers
  • EndoRadial Fibers
  • Focussing Handpieces

To find out all about the advantages of a specific type of fiber applicator, please contact our Customer Care.

Medical Applications

All medical applications related
to the application of laser energy, involving:

  • Precise cutting of tissue
  • Surface ablation of tissue
  • Coagulation of tissue and blood vessels
  • Destruction of stones

Ultra-Flexible Bare Fibers

Bare Fibers, also called front-firing fibers, are a standard accessory for minimally-invasive endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery.

Main Features

  • Highest possible levels of flexibility for improved bending characteristics (e.g. for flexible endoscopes)
  • Extended resilience during use by superior inner fiber core and protective layer materials
  • Ideal beam profile at the distal end for less scattered radiation effects at tissue

Harpoon Fibers

The Harpoon Fiber has a unique fiber design not comparable to other manufacturer's products.

Main Features

  • Great handling advantage to the surgeon whenever it comes to the tangential cutting of tissue, e.g. during tumor surgery
  • Not defocussing the laser energy, instead it redirects a focussed spot in an angle optimized for e.g. endoscopic surgery
  • There is no other fiber like the Harpoon Fiber available.


EndoRadial Fibers

The EndoRadial Fiber is an outstanding solution to surgeons whose emphasis is on vascular treatments.
By a special lense system, it redirects the laser energy in a 360° angle, reliably shrinking the blood vessel.

Main Features

  • No more need for extra and difficult to handle catheter sets
  • Easy and controlled introduction into the blood vessel by a rounded distal end
  • Available in different sizes, depending on the diameter of the blood vessel


Sidefire Fibers

The Sidefire Fiber has become a standard tool among surgeons e.g. in Urology where the superficial ablation of soft tissue inside hollow organs is required. In an angle of about 90°, it redirects and slightly defocusses the laser energy in a way that high tissue ablation rates are achieved.

Main Features

  • Easy and controlled introduction into the endoscope by a resistant, rounded distal end
  • Adjustable integrated joystick for precision movements of the fiber
  • Extended life-times by highest material quality


Focussing Handpieces

Limmer Laser offers a broad range of focussing handpieces with optimal handling characteristics for the individual surgical purposes. The laser energy exits the handpiece in a highly focussed way and specific distance,  providing ideal cutting characteristics.

Main Features

  • Optimal for cutting or coagulation of soft tissue e.g. during open surgery
  • Smallest spot sizes provide a precise cut without collateral damages to surrounding tissue
  • Available in different designs, optimized for specific indications

Available Configurations

All fibers and applicators are available in different designs and configurations, depending on the individual discipline and laser device. Please ask our Customer Care for further information.


Upcoming events

Moreover, we organize trainings and workshops from time to time. Contact us for further details.


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