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Eye Protection

The use of laser light always requires an appropriate eye protection. Limmer Laser offers a full range of lightweight protection goggles, eye caps, etc. for maximum comfort.

Main Features

  • We adapt all eye protection to the specific laser product and guarantee high optical densities for your safety
  • All laser protection goggles are clearly labeled with the laser model and wavelength
  • Optimal protection and sight with our protection goggles during treatment
  • Our protection goggles are based on thorough research and innovation and assure highest levels of comfort at minimal weight
  • Our laser protection goggles are available in 2 versions: regular and spectacle-wearers edition
  • CE, EN207 and ANSI Z136.1 certified


Medical Applications

All medical applications related to the application of laser energy.

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Available Configurations

  • Laser Protection Goggles
    Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems
  • Laser Protection Goggles (Basket Version)
    Available for all major wavelengths and laser systems
  • Eye Protection Pads
    Self-holding, for hygienic patient eye protection


Main Accessories

  • Protective cases
  • Cleaning towels

Technical Specifications

Please ask our Customer Care for a detailed description of the specifications of the eye protection you are interested in.

Technical changes reserved.

Upcoming events

Moreover, we organize trainings and workshops from time to time. Contact us for further details.


We specialize in the development, manufacture and sales of high quality medical laser products "Made in Germany".

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